Diary, Thomas Alva Edison, December 26th, 1911

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Edison, Thomas Alva
Others Mentioned
Leeming, Harry Toyne
Wilson, Carl Hillis
Weber, Peter
Bee, William George
Ott, Ludwig Fredrick
Holland, Walter Elam
Petit, Ademor Napoleon
Aiken, Edward L
Cryder, Henry Chauncey
Graf, Thomas
Bachman, Robert Abraham
Edison, Mina Miller (Mrs Thomas A.)
Ford, Henry
Arbogast, Ralph
Rogers, John Thomas
Higham, Daniel
Bliss, Donald M
Meadowcroft, William Henry
Norton, Charles Winfred
Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering
Hartwell, Hiram M
Moore, Sherwood Troop (Sam)
Atlas Engine Works
Philpot, Brian F
Sloane, John Eyre
Nicolai, Charles A
Smith, Harold Hooper
Leonard, Thomas Joseph
Goldstein, Ignacy
Dodd, David A
Vecsey, Armand
Engineering and Mining Journal
Berggren, Ernest J
Pennsylvania Railroad
American Express Co
General Vehicle Co
General Bakelite Co
Victor Talking Machine Co
Ditson (Charles H.) & Co
McKernan Drill Co
Lauter Co
New York Times
New York Tribune
New York World
New York Sun
Miller, John Vincent
Adams, Edward Dean
Phonograph Co (Kansas City)
Cromelin, Paul Henderson
Hicks, Louis
Beach, Ralph Hamilton
Wurth, Albert Frank
Dally, Charles Thompson
Anderson, John R, Jr
Ballantine, James B
Pierman, Alexander N
Ott, Frederick Paul
Hutchison, Miller Reese
Mallory, Walter Seeley
Miller, Harry Frederick
Miller, Walter Henry
Aylsworth, Jonas Walter


Recording artists
Dictating machines
Phonograph recordings
Kinetophone and other talking pictures
Automobiles and trucks
Competition and market structure
Cement products
Isolated stations
Electric battery


1911-12-26 (1911)

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Thomas A. Edison Papers, School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers University