This company was organized in December 1889 as Edison's personal business and was incorporated in New Jersey on May 5, 1900. Originally formed to manufacture and market the Edison-Lalande primary battery, the company manufactured and sold batteries for use with telegraph, phonoplex, and telephone systems, as well as for phonographs, dental equipment, medical instruments, and other machinery. It also produced kinetoscope films, kinetoscopes, wax for phonograph cylinders, x-ray equipment, medical instruments, and electric fans. The company had a factory at Silver Lake (later named Bloomfield), New Jersey, a sales office in New York City, and agencies abroad. In 1905 its motion picture operations were moved from Manhattan to a studio in the Bronx. The company's assets and property rights were assigned to Thomas A. Edison, Inc., in February 1911. It was dissolved on November 9, 1926.