American Novelty Company

This company was incorporated in New York on November 28, 1876. It was formed to manufacture and sell small inventions being developed by Edison. The only products marketed by the company, which was managed by Edward H. Johnson, were Edison's duplicating ink and Johnson's ribbon mucilage. The company operated through 1877.

Aultman, Miller & Company

This company was established in 1863 as the Akron plant of C. Aultman & Co. of Canton, Ohio, manufacturers of farm implements and other products. It was apparently run as a separate business by Lewis, Edward, and Ira Miller, Edison's in-laws. Mina Miller Edison owned stock in the company, and at times Thomas Edison was its creditor. The company went into receivership in 1893 or 1894, was reorganized in 1895, and was liquidated in 1904.

Drexel, Morgan & Company

This company served as financial agents for many of Edison's personal accounts and companies.

Edison Industrial Works

This company was organized on July 24, 1890, to conduct a manufacturing business, but no stock was ever issued. It surrendered its rights and franchise as a corporation in 1896.