Motion Pictures

American Talking Picture Company

This company was organized in 1912 by A. Paul Keith, Edward F. Albee, and Martin Beck to exhibit TAE's kinetophone movies in the United States and Canada through the Keith-Albee chain of vaudeville theaters. The company's agreement with TAE Inc. was terminated in July 1913, and the Edison Kinetophone Company took over the distribution of talking pictures.

Compagnie Francaise du Phonographe Edison

This company was organized in Paris on October 10, 1904, to manufacture and sell phonographs, records, and supplies. It later added motion picture films and apparatus to its business. Renamed Compagnie Francaise du Phonographe et Cinematographe Edison during 1912, by January 1913 it was called Compagnie Francaise Thomas A. Edison. The company was mainly inactive until December 1923; it was legally dissolved in France during July 1924.

Compania Edison Hispano Americana

This company was incorporated in New Jersey on March 29, 1907, to sell phonographs, records, kinetoscopes, films, and other Edison products. It maintained a branch office in Buenos Aires. The company was dissolved on April 16, 1920.

Continental Commerce Company

This company was incorporated in New York on September 12, 1894, to operate the rights of its founder, Maguire & Baucus. It had offices in New York and London and served as the exclusive sales and exhibition agent for Edison's kinetoscopes and kinetoscope films in Europe. On October 30, 1894, the company's rights were enlarged to include Africa and Asia.