Office Machinery and Supplies

A. B. Dick Company

This company was incorporated in 1884, succeeding the earlier firm of A. B. Dick and Company. On June 27, 1887, it acquired the manufacturing and sales rights for Edison's mimeograph. During 1896 it formed H. F. Martyn & Company in London as the exclusive sales agent for the mimeograph in Great Britain.

American Novelty Company

This company was incorporated in New York on November 28, 1876. It was formed to manufacture and sell small inventions being developed by Edison. The only products marketed by the company, which was managed by Edward H. Johnson, were Edison's duplicating ink and Johnson's ribbon mucilage. The company operated through 1877.

Bates Manufacturing Company

This company was incorporated in New York on September 13, 1890, to manufacture and sell automatic hand-held numbering machines. During the period 1892-1897 the Edison Phonograph Works absorbed its manufacturing operations and acquired nearly all of the company's stock. The Bates Manufacturing Company continued as the sales agent for numbering machines, line-dating machines, and other office products. Clarence S. A. Williams purchased the company on November 14, 1921, and served as its president until 1958.

Edison's Electric Pen and Duplicating Press Company

Edison began marketing his electric pen and duplicating press in September 1876 and the business soon became known as Edison's Electric Pen and Duplicating Press Company. It was originally managed by Charles Batchelor and then by George Bliss, who expanded into Europe, except for Great Britain, which was controlled by the Electric Writing Company. The company's instruments were manufactured initially by Gilliland & Company and then by Western Electric Manufacturing Company, which later took over marketing as well.