Phonograph, Domestic

North American Phonograph Company

This company was incorporated in New Jersey on July 14, 1888. It acquired from its co-founder, Jesse Lippincott, the exclusive license of the American Graphophone Company, the controlling interest in the Edison Phonograph Company, and the exclusive rights to the commercial development of the phonograph in the United States and Canada. Edison eventually assumed financial and administrative control of the company, becoming president in June 1892 and, as its principal creditor, driving it into receivership on August 21, 1894.

Ott Manufacturing Company

This company was incorporated in New Jersey on February 27, 1896, and was used briefly by Edison as a means to regain control of the phonograph business. After years of inactivity, the company was dissolved in 1910.

Toy Phonograph Company

On January 7, 1878 Edison signed an agreement with Oliver D. Russell to license the use of his phonograph for toys. In April 1878 Russell formed a partnership with Charles B. Harris to exploit this license and their partnership became known informally as the Toy Phonograph Company. This partnership was dissolved in October 1878 and in November the license was transferred to Hilbourne Roosevelt.

United States Phonograph Company

This company was organized in New Jersey, probably in 1894. It succeeded the New Jersey Phonograph Company and maintained offices in Newark. The company manufactured musical recordings and sold phonographs, kinetoscopes, and other products.