Telegraph and Telephone, Domestic

News Reporting Telegraph Company

This company was organized by Edison and William Unger in October 1870 to provide news from the main telegraph in New York to homes and offices in Newark, New Jersey, in advance of publication in local newspapers. It operated for only three months from its offices in the Newark Daily Advertiser building. Edison's future wife, Mary Stilwell, was one of employees who operated the company's private line printing telegraph system.

Pope, Edison & Company

Edison, Franklin Pope, and James Ashley formed this company in New York in September or October 1869 as "electrical engineers and general telegraph agency."

Railway Telegraph & Telephone Company

This company was incorporated in New York in February 1885. It merged with the Phelps Induction Telegraph Company on April 4, 1887, to become the Consolidated Railway Telegraph Company.

Railway Train Telegraphy Company, Ltd.

This company was registered in Great Britain on November 11, 1887, to construct lines of railway train telegraphs under patents granted to Edison.