A Guide to Motion Picture Catalogs by American Producers and Distributors, 1894–1908: A Microfilm Edition

Edison Film, The Great Train Robbery - Cover image from printed version of the Guide

These texts are from the printed Guide (1985) that accompanies the six-reel edition of microfilmed catalogs, which is available from the publisher, University Publications of America.

Pdfs of the individual catalogs are available through the New Jersey Digital Highway

To read the Guide in order, follow the Next / Previous links at the bottom of each page. The first chapters describe the project and offer a historical and contextual introduction to the early days of U.S. motion pictures, with a focus on the role of film catalogs in the growing industry.

To view a complete list of catalogs available in the microfilm collection, select "Reel Notes" from the menu above or from the navigation bar at the bottom of any page. Each catalog has a code based on the issuer (one or two uppercase letters) and the three-digit microfilm frame number on which it begins. Also available is a "Key" to the abbreviations used (in the footnotes and reel lists) for the archives and other institutions from which the catalogs were drawn.

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