• Reel Number: Reel Number 1
B-002    (Continental Commerce Company) Thomas A. Edison's Latest and Most Remarkable Invention: The Kinetoscope, 1894, 6 pp: NjWOE.
B-005 (Continental Commerce Company) Thos. A. Edison's Kinetoscope [1894], 4 pp: NjWOE.
B-008 (Continental Commerce Company) Thos. A. Edison's Kinetoscope: Edison's Masterpiece [1894], 4 pp: NjWOE.
B-011 Edison Films for Projecting Machines and Kinetoscopes, 20 January 1897, 8 pp: NN.
B-016 Preliminary Circular, Edison Perfected Projecting Kinetoscope, 16 February 1897, 2 pp: NN.
B-018 Edison "Projectoscope" or Projecting Kinetoscope, [1897], 4 pp: NN.
B-021 Catalogue: Edison and International Films, April 1897, 20 pp: NNMOMA.
B-032 (Fragment), [ca. summer 1897], 2 pp: NjWOE.
B-034 Lumière Films, Edison Films, International Films, Fall Catalogue 1897, 20 pp [photocopy]: [NjWOE]*.