• Reel Number: Reel Number 2
L-003    Complete Catalogue of Genuine and Original "Star" Films (Moving Pictures) Manufactured by Geo. Méliès of Paris, [1903], 30 pp: NjWOE, NNMOMA.
L-020 Bulletin No. 1, Choicest "Charles Urban's" Films, [1904], 2 pp: NjWOE.
L-022 Bulletin No. 2, Choicest "L. Parnaland's" Films/Choicest "L. Gaumont's" Films, [1904], 2 pp: NjWOE.
L-024 Bulletin No. 3, Choicest "Charles Urban's" Films, [ca. August 1904], 8 pp: NjWOE.
L-028 Supplement Nos. 1, 2, & 3, The Enchanted Well/The Inn Where No Man Rests/etc., [1903], 4 pp: NjWOE, NNMOMA.
L-031 Supplement No. 5, Fairyland, [1903], 8 pp: NjWOE, NNMOMA.
L-035 Supplement No. 6, The Infernal Caldron and the Phantasmal Vapors/The Apparition, or Mr. Jones' Comical Experience with a Ghost, 2 pp: NjWOE, NNMOMA.
L-037 Supplement No. 7, Jupiter's Thunderbolts; or, the Home of the Muses/ Ten Ladies in One Umbrella/Jack Jaggs and Dum Dum, 4 pp: NjWOE, NNMOMA.
L-040 Supplement No. 8, Bob Kick the Mischievous Kid/Extraordinary Illusions, 2 pp: NjWOE, NNMOMA.
L-042 Supplement No. 9, Alcrofrisbas, the Master Magician, 2 pp: NjWOE, NNMOMA.
L-044 Supplement No. 10, Jack and Jim/The Magic Lantern/The Ballet-Master's Dream, 2 pp: NjWOE, NNMOMA.
L-046 Supplement No. 11, The Damnation of Faust, 2 pp: NjWOE, NNMOMA.
L-048 Supplement No. 12, The Terrible Turkish Executioner, or "It Served Him Right"/A Burlesque Highway Robbery in "Gay Paree"/A Moonlight Serenade, or "The Miser Punished," 2 pp: NjWOE, NNMOMA.
L-050 Supplement No. 13, Tit for Tat, or a Good Joke with my Head/A Wager Between Two Magicians, or "Jealous of Myself"/etc., 3 pp: NjWOE, NNMOMA.
L-052 Supplement No. 14, The Bewitched Trunk/The Fugitive Apparitions/etc., 2 pp: NjWOE.
L-054 Supplement No. 15, The Imperceptible Transmutations/A Miracle under the Inquisition/etc., 2 pp: NjWOE, NNMOMA.
L-056 Supplement No. 16, Faust and Marguerite, 8 pp: NjWOE, NNMOMA.
L-061 Supplement No. 17, The Fake Russian Prophet/Tchin-Chao, The Chinese Conjurer/The Wonderful Living Fan, 2 pp: NjWOE, NNMOMA.
L-063 Supplement No. 18, The Cook in Trouble/The Devilish Plank, 2 pp: NjWOE, NNMOMA.
L-065 Supplement No. 19, The Impossible Dinner/The Mermaid/etc., 2 pp: NjWOE, NNMOMA.
L-067 Supplement No. 20, The Barber of Sevilla or, The Useless Precaution, 8 pp: NjWOE, NNMOMA.
L-072 Supplement No. 21, The Animated Costumes/Simple Simon's Surprise Party/etc., 2 pp: NNMOMA.
L-074 Supplement No. 22, An Impossible Voyage, 12 pp: NjWOE, NNMOMA.
L-082 Supplement No. 23, The Wandering Jew/The Firefall/The Grotto of Surprises, 2 pp: NNMOMA.
L-083 Supplement No. 24, The Christmas Angel, 4 pp: NNMOMA.
L-085 Supplement No. 25, The Living Playing Cards/The King of Sharpshooters/ etc., 2 pp: NNMOMA.
L-086 Supplement No. 26, A Mesmerian Experiment/Mr. Dauber and the Whimsical Picture/etc., 2 pp: NNMOMA.
L-087 Supplement No. 27, Palace of Arabian Nights, 10 pp: NNMOMA.
L-093 Supplement No. 28, A Crazy Composer/The Tower of London, 2 pp: NNMOMA.
L-094 Supplement No. 29, An Adventurous Automobile Trip, 8 pp: NNMOMA.
L-098 Supplement No. 31, The Angler's Nightmare or a Policeman's Troubles/ Life Saving up-to-date/etc., 2 pp [bound with backside facing out]: NNMOMA.
L-099 Supplement No. 32, Chimney Sweep/Professor Do-mi-sol-do/etc., 10 pp: NNMOMA.
L-103 Supplement No. 33, A Desperate Crime, 8 pp: NNMOMA.
L-109 Complete Catalogue of Genuine and Original "Star" Films, 1 June 1905, 150 pp: NNMOMA, DLC.