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A document or folder/volume may be retrieved directly with its ID. The Document ID and Folder/Volume ID appear in the information provided when a document is viewed (see example, below). The Folder/Volume ID also appears on the introductory note to each folder or volume and in document search results. Additional information about IDs, and how they can be used by researchers in citing the Edison Papers digital edition in their own work, can be found in the essay, "Citing Edison Papers Documents."

Occasionally it is necessary to change a Document ID (for example, if a document is found to be misdated and is moved to a different folder). In that case, a "no Document found" message will appear if an obsolete ID (for example, a citation from a secondary source) is entered in the Document ID box. The new Document ID can be located by entering the obsolete Document ID in the "Find New ID" box.

In the document information example below, the Folder ID is "D9335" and the Document ID is "D9335AAS".

Document data