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The Current War dramatizes the conflict of ambitions, beliefs, and money that shaped the electrical future of the United States and the world. The movie fictionalizes the rivalry between Thomas Edison (the “Wizard of Menlo Park”) and industrialist George Westinghouse in the “War of the Currents” in the late 1880s and early 1890s. For more information, visit our blog. Edison,the new biography by Edmund Morris, is available on line and in bookstores.

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A project that narrates Edison's life and work through his documents

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The Thomas A. Edison Papers Project, a research center at Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences, is one of the most ambitious editing projects ever undertaken by an American university. For decades, the 5 million pages of documents that chronicle the extraordinary life and achievements of Thomas Alva Edison remained hidden and inaccessible to members of the general public. Since the massive project began in 1978, a team of editors/scholars has been turning this incomparable trove of Edisonia into a premier educational resource.

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