This set of links contains the text of the printed Guide (1985) that accompanied the six-reel microfilm edition of Motion Picture Catalogs by American Producers and Distributors, 1894–1908, which includes essays written by film historian Charles Musser, who edited the edition. The microfilm reels were digitized in 2006 by the Rutgers University Libraries and PDFs of the 531 individual catalogs were subsequently created and uploaded to RUCore, the Libraries' digital repository. The Reel Notes list each catalog's unique identifier, title, date, number of pages, and the code for its repository. In 2022 links to the PDFs in RUCore were added by Rutgers Public History intern Ammi Gonzales. In 2023 digital assistant Monica Genuardi created PDFs of the six microfilm reels and new PDFs of the individual catalogs if they had missing or incorrect pages on RUCore. She then uploaded PDFs of the microfilm reels and individual catalogs to the Internet Archive for import into our digital image edition. She also created a finding aid that links to both sets of PDFs.