Series Two

Pathé Frères

  • Reel Number: Reel Number 2
M-003    (The Cinematograph & Phonograph Co.) Alcohol and its Victims, Supplement for May 1902, 8 pp: NjWOE.
M-008 (The Cinematograph & Phonograph Co.) Ali-Baba and the forty Thieves, Supplement for August 1902, 10 pp: NjWOE.
M-013 (The Cinematograph & Phonograph Co.) The Sleeping Beauty, Supplement for January 1903, 16 pp: NjWOE.
M-022 (Compagnie Générale de Phonographes Cinématographes et Appareils de Précison) Cinematographes Films, May 1903, 96 pp: NjWOE.
M-073 (The Cinematograph & Phonograph Co.) The Adventures of the ingenious hidalgo Don Quixote, Supplement for August 1903, 16 pp: NjWOE.
M-082 (The Cinematograph & Phonograph Co.) Supplement for September and October 1903, 16 pp: NjWOE.
M-091 (The Cinematograph & Phonograph Co.) Supplement for November 1903, 16 pp: NjWOE.
M-100 (The Cinematograph & Phonograph Co.) Supplement for January 1904, 16 pp: NjWOE.
M-109 (The Cinematograph & Phonograph Co.) Supplement for February 1904, 12 pp: NjWOE.
M-116 Christopher Columbus, [March 1904], 10 pp: NjWOE.
M-123 Supplement for March and April 1904, 12 pp: NjWOE.
M-130 Supplement for May-June 1904, 12 pp: NjWOE.
M-137 Annie's Love-story, [May 1904], 10 pp: NjWOE.
M-144 The Strike, [July 1904], 8 pp: NjWOE.
M-149 Supplement for August 1904, 12 pp: NjWOE.
M-156 Indians and Cow-Boys, [August 1904], 12 pp: NjWOE.
M-163 Joseph Sold by his Brethren, [August 1904], 12 pp: NjWOE.
M-170 (Pathé Cinematograph Co.) Pathé Films, [ca. 1904], 1 p [oversize]: NjWOE.
M-171 (Pathé Cinematograph Co.) Pathé Films, April 1906, 24 pp: NNMOMA.
M-185 Bargain Sale, 20 September 1908, 4 pp: NjWOE.
M-188 (Pathé Frères, Film D'art) Assassination of the Duke of Guise, [17 February 1909], 12 pp: NjWOE.