• Reel Number: Reel Number 3
J-012    Unsolicited Testimonials Received by S. Lubin, [ca. 1901], 16 pp: NjWOE.
J-021 Catalogue No. 3, New Films made by S. Lubin, [1902], 12 pp [photocopy]: PPFAR.
J-028 Complete Catalogue ... Lubin's Films, Jan.1903, 98 pp: NR-GE, CLAc.
J-079 Lubin's Films, June 1904, 26 pp: NNMOMA.
J-092 Illustrated Song Slides, 1905, 4 pp: NjWOE.
J-095 Lubin's Fire Proof Film Box, [ca. 1905], 4 pp: NjWOE.
J-098 Lubin's Films, 1905, 44 pp: CLAc.
J-119 Uncle Tom's Cabin, 16 pp: CLAc, NjWOE.
J-127 The Passion Play, 8 pp: CLAc, NjWOE.
J-131 Lecture of The Passion Play, 18 pp: CLAc.
J-141 The Holy City and other Illustrated Songs in Life Motion Pictures, 12 pp: CLAc, NjWOE.
J-147 Lubin's Films, May 1905, 36 pp: CLAc.
J-165 Bold Bank Robbery, 16 pp: NjWOE, CLAc.
J-173 "Meet Me at the Fountain," 12 pp: NjWOE, CLAc.
J-179 Lubin's Films, 24 pp: CLAc.
J-191 Life of an American Soldier, June 1905, 12 pp: CLAc, NjWOE.
J-197 The Kidnapped Child/His Master's Voice/His Master's Breath, 8 pp: CLAc.
J-201 Lubin's Films, 1905, 12 pp: CLAc.
J-207 The Counterfeiters, 1906, 12 pp: CLAc, NjWOE.
J-213 The Great Train Robbery, 12 pp: CLAc, NjWOE.
J-219 Five Songs Illustrated by Life Motion Pictures, 12 pp: CLAc, NjWOE.
J-225 Saved From a Watery Grave, 1905, 8 pp: CLAc, NjWOE.
J-229 Highway Robbery, 12 pp: CLAc.
J-235 Lubin's New Films, 8 pp: CLAc.
J-239 Through the Matrimonial Agency, 8 pp: CLAc.
J-243 Fun on the Farm, 8 pp: CLAc.
J-247 Lubin's Films, 32 pp: CLAc.
J-263 A Night Off, 8 pp: CLAc.
J-267 The Great Mail Robbery, 4 pp: CLAc.
J-269 Lubin's New Films, [1906], 8 pp: CLAc.
J-273 Rescued by Carlo, 8 pp: CLAc.
J-277 How to Keep Cool or Our Ice Supply, 1 p: CLAc.
J-278 Good Night, 1 p: CLAc.
J-279 Whale Hunting, 1 p: CLAc.
J-280 The Bank Defaulter, 8 pp: CLAc.
J-284 The Secret of Death Valley, 4 pp: CLAc.
J-286 The Wreckers of the Limited Express, 8 pp: CLAc.
J-290 Machine Catalogue, [1906], 16 pp: CLAc.
J-298 Directions For Setting Up and Operating the "Marvel" Cineograph with Stereopticon Combined, [1906], 8 pp: CLAc.
J-302 Unsolicited Testimonials about Lubin's Cineograph Combined with Stereopticons and Films, 24 pp: CLAc.
J-313 Illustrated Song Slides, 4 pp: CLAc.
J-315 Tents for the Exhibition of Moving Pictures, 4 pp: CLAc.
J-317 Posters, Tickets, Window Cards, etc., 8 pp: CLAc.
J-322 Lubin's Films, 1907, 140 pp: CLAc, CLCM.
J-392 Life Motion Pictures, 1907, 64 pp: CLAc.
J-424 Machine Catalogue, 1907, 28 pp: CLAc.
J-439 The Parson of Hungry Gulch, 4 pp: CLAc.
J-441 Harbor Pirates, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-442 Moses Sells a Collar Button, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-443 The Scheme That Failed, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-444 Grandpa's Vacation, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-445 Neighbors Who Borrow, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-446 Cohen's Bad Luck, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-447 Caught With The Goods, 4 pp: CLAc.
J-449 Wanted: A Husband, 4 pp: CLAc.
J-451 A Breeze from the West, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-452 Smuggled into America, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-453 John D____ and the Reporter, 4 pp: CLAc.
J-455 Only Kids, 1 p: CLAc.
J-456 New Films, 8 pp: CLAc.
J-460 Just Married, 3 pp: CLAc.
J-462 The Actor Annoys the Boarders, 1 p: CLAc.
J-463 Who's Boss of the House? 2 pp: CLAc.
J-464 Seven Short Films, 8 pp: CLAc.
J-468 Oh Me! Oh My! 2 pp: CLAc.
J-469 Lucky Jim, 1 p: CLAc.
J-470 "A Thrilling Detective Story," 4 pp: CLAc.
J-472 Oyster Industry, 4 pp: CLAc.
J-474 Snake Hunting, 1 p: CLAc.
J-475 A Family Outing, 4 pp: CLAc.
J-477 The Kidnapped Child, 4 pp: CLAc.
J-479 The Blacksmith's Daughter, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-480 A Misunderstanding, 1 p: CLAc.
J-481 Jamestown Naval Review, 1 p: CLAc.
J-482 Mother's Dream, 4 pp: CLAc.
J-484 Too Much Mother-in-Law, 8 pp: CLAc.
J-488 Now Ready - The following Imported Films are now ready for delivery, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-489 And the Dog Came Back, 4 pp: CLAc.
J-491 The New Apprentice, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-492 When Women Vote, 4 pp: CLAc.
J-494 Gypsy's Revenge, 4 pp: CLAc.
J-496 An Indian's Friendship, 4 pp: CLAc.
J-498 The New Arrival, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-499 How Brown Saw the Base Ball Game, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-500 The Unwritten Law, 8 pp: CLAc.
J-504 The Amateur Champion, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-505 All on Account of a Lost Collar Button, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-506 The Foundling, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-507 An Interrupted Outing, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-508 A Winter Day in the Country, 4 pp: CLAc.
J-510 Bargain Sales, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-511 The Pay Train Robbery, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-512 The Making of a Modern Newspaper, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-513 Such a Good Joke, But - Why don't he laugh? 2 pp: CLAc.
J-514 How the Masher Was Punished, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-515 The Silver King, 4 pp: CLAc.
J-517 Directions For Setting Up and Operating the "Marvel" Cineograph with Stereopticon Combined, 8 pp: CLAc.
J-521 Price List of Parts and Accessories Pertaining to Lubin's "Marvel" Cineograph Combined with Stereopticon, 4 pp: CLAc.
J-524 Through Darkness to Light, 4 pp: CLAc.
J-526 The Fatal Card, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-527 Have You Seen My Wife? 2 pp: CLAc.
J-528 Bachelor's Wedding Bells, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-529 The Ringmaster's Wife, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-530 The Count Of No Account, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-531 Where's That Quarter? 2 pp: CLAc.
J-532 The Blind Boy, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-533 See The Point? 1 p: CLAc.
J-534 A New Way To Pay Debts, 1 p: CLAc.
J-535 And A Little Child Shall Lead Them, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-536 Easy Money, 1 p: CLAc.
J-537 A Romance of the Fur Country, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-538 Do It Now! 1 p: CLAc.
J-539 A Gay Old Boy, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-540 Our Own Little Flat, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-541 The Girl Across the Way, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-542 The Pursuit of a Suit, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-543 After the Celebration! 1 p: CLAc.
J-544 The Mountaineers, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-545 Neighborly Neighbors, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-546 The Parents Devotion, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-547 The Little Easter Fairy, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-548 Something on His Mind, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-549 The Wrong Overcoat, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-550 Willie's Party, 1 p: CLAc.
J-551 Acrobatic Pills, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-552 The Amateur Hypnotist, 1 p: CLAc.
J-553 Oh, My Feet! 2 pp: CLAc.
J-554 Beg Pardon! 1 p: CLAc.
J-555 The Bride's Dream, 1 p: CLAc.
J-556 Stop That Alarm! 2 pp: CLAc.
J-557 The Mysterious Phonograph, 1 p: CLAc.
J-558 The Great Jewel Robbery, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-559 The Great Jewel Robbery, 1 p: CLAc.
J-560 The "Merry Widow" Hats, 1 p: CLAc.
J-561 The Automatic Laundry, 1 p: CLAc.
J-562 The Cause of All the Trouble, 1 p: CLAc.
J-563 The Tale of a Pig, 1 p: CLAc.
J-564 The Circus Boy, 1 p: CLAc.
J-565 Why He Signed the Pledge, 1 p: CLAc.
J-566 The Near-Sighted Professor, 1 p: CLAc.
J-567 A Gallant Knight, 1 p: CLAc.
J-568 The Magnetic Eye, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-569 The Greed for Gold, 1 p: CLAc.
J-570 The Miner's Daughter, 1 p: CLAc.
J-571 The Hand of Fate/Magnetic Vapor, 1 p: CLAc.
J-572 Two Brothers of the GAR/Robbie's Pet Rat, 1 p: CLAc.
J-573 An Honest Newsboy's Reward/Two Little Dogs, 1 p: CLAc.
J-574 Mephisto's Affinity/Adventures of Mr. Troubles, 1 p: CLAc.
J-575 Romance in a Gypsy Camp/The Old Maid's Parrott, 1 p: CLAc.
J-576 Held For Ransom, 1 p: CLAc.
J-577 Student's Prank or a Joke on his Parents/Philadelphia, The Cradle of Liberty, 1 p: CLAc.
J-578 Outwitted by His Wife/The New Maid, 1 p: CLAc.
J-579 A Western Romance, 1 p: CLAc.
J-580 Two Little Shoes, 1 p: CLAc.
J-581 The Robbery of the Citizen's Bank, 1 p: CLAc.
J-582 "Captain Molly"/Dr. Curem's Patients, 1 p: CLAc.
J-582 Battle of Monmouth, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-583 Dick's Sister, 1 p: CLAc.
J-584 A Fatal Likeness, 1 p: CLAc.
J-585 The White Chief, 1 p: CLAc.
J-586 The Woman who Gambles, 1 p: CLAc.
J-587 The Sensational Sheath Gown/Policeman For An Hour, 1 p: CLAc.
J-588 The Bogus Lord, 1 p: CLAc.
J-589 The Light in the Window, 1 p: CLAc.
J-590 The Crushed Tragedian/Wanted: An Artist's Model, 1 p: CLAc.
J-591 The King's Diamond, 1 p: CLAc.
J-592 Scenes From The Battlefield of Gettysburg, 3 pp: CLAc.
J-593 The Midnight Express, 1 p: CLAc.
J-594 Rivals For A Week/The Wrong Valise, 1 p: CLAc.
J-595 Fascinating Fluffy Dimples, 1 p: CLAc.
J-596 The Pawnbroker, 1 p: CLAc.
J-597 The Hebrew Fugitive/The Washerwomen's Revenge, 1 p: CLAc.
J-598 The Persistent Trombonist/The Dancing Fiend, 1 p: CLAc.
J-599 A Southern Romance of Slavery Days, 1 p: CLAc.
J-600 The Hat of Fortune/Heating Powder, 1 p: CLAc.
J-601 Two Little Breadwinners/How Rastus Got His Pork Chops, 1 p: CLAc
J-602 The Suicidal Poet/In the Nick of Time, 1 p: CLAc.
J-603 The Criminal's Daughter/The Ticklish Man, 1 p: CLAc.
J-604 The Masqueraders/Wanted: - A Military Man, 1 p: CLAc.
J-605 Redeemed from Sin/Salome and the Devil to Pay, 1 p: CLAc.
J-606 The Saloon Dance/"When Our Ship Comes In," 1 p: CLAc.
J-607 The Way They Fooled Dad, 1 p: CLAc.
J-608 The Bloodstone, 1 p: CLAc.
J-609 For His Sister's Sake, 1 p: CLAc.
J-610 Hubby's Vacation/All on Account of a Butterfly, 1 p: CLAc.
J-611 Auntie Takes the Children to the Country/How a Pretty Girl Sold Her Hair Restorer, 1 p: CLAc.
J-612 The Mountaineer's Revenge, 1 p: CLAc.
J-613 The Cross Roads, 1 p: CLAc.
J-614 The Key Under the Mat/Lunch Time, 1 p: CLAc.
J-615 The Cotton Industry of the South, 4 pp: CLAc.
J-616 The Janitor Falsely Accused, 1 p: CLAc.
J-617 Madam Flirt and Her Adopted Uncle/Through an Orange Grove, 16 November [1908]//The Engineer, 19 November [1908], 2 pp: CLAc.
J-618 A Pair of Spectacles/The Dirigible Airship, 23 November [1908]// The Thanksgiving Turkey/Persistency Wins, 26 November [1908], 2 pp: CLAc.
J-619 The Sexton of Longwyn/Weary Willie's Revenge, 30 November [1908]// Hobo's Dream/Lady Barbers, 3 December [1908], 2 pp: CLAc.
J-620 The Lighthouse-Keeper's Daughter, 7 December [1908]//Dick's Aunt/Charlie's Ma-in-Law, 10 December [1908], 2 pp: CLAc.
J-621 The Face in the Window/Button, Button, Where is the Button? 14 December [1908], 2 pp: CLAc.
J-622 On the Stroke of Twelve, 17 December [1908], 2 pp: CLAc.
J-623 Christmas Eve at Sunset, 21 December [1908]/Restored by Repentance, 24 December [1908], 2 pp: CLAc.
J-624 The House at the Bridge/The Forgotten Watch, 31 December [1908]//A New Year/A New Year's Gift, 28 December [1908], 4 pp: CLAc.
J-626 [Lubin's Films], 86 pp [cover missing]: CLAc.
J-668 Machine Catalogue, 1908, 32 pp: CLAc.
J-684 Machine Catalogue, 1908, 36 pp: CLAc, NR-GE.
J-702 Price List of Parts and Accessories Pertaining to Lubin's "Marvel" Cineograph Combined with Stereopticon, 4 pp: CLAc.
J-704 Unsolicited Testimonials about Lubin's Cineograph Combined with Stereopticon, 26 pp: CLAc.
J-717 A Bitter Lesson/The Old Maid's Dream, 4 January [1909]//Two Orphans of the G.A.R./Leo's Air-rifle, 7 January [1909], 4 pp: CLAc.
J-719 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) When Lips are Sealed, 11 January [1909]//Troubles of a Stranded Actor/How Happy Jack Got His Meal, 14 January [1909], 4 pp: CLAc.
J-721 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) Love's Sweet Melody, 18 January 1909, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-722 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) The Wrong Burglar/The Fighting Parson, 21 January 1909, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-723 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) A Suit Case/Who Stole Jones' Wood? 25 January 1909, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-724 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) The New Mirror/Love Germs, 28 January 1909, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-725 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) Aunt Emmy's Scrap Book, 1 February 1909, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-726 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) The Blind Musician/Willie's Water Sprinkler, 4 February 1909, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-727 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) The Silver Dollar/The Unlucky Horseshoe, 15 February 1909, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-728 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) A Broken Heart/The Pass Key, 18 February 1909, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-730 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) No. 5874, 8 February 1909, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-732 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) The Bank Messenger/A Secret, 11 February 1909, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-734 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) The New Governess, 22 February 1909, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-737 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) Love Me, Love My Dog/A Game of Chess, 25 February 1909, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-739 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) A Dime Novel Detective, 1 March 1909, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-742 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) The Last Call/I'll Only Marry a Sport, 4 March 1909, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-744 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) The Stowaway, 8 March 1909, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-747 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) The Little Rag Doll/Which Was the Happiest Time in Your Life? 11 March 1909, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-749 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) A Cowboy Argument/Talked to Death, 15 March 1909, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-751 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) Reforming a Husband/Uncle Reuben's Courtship, 18 March 1909, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-754 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) The Day of the Dog/Our Ice Supply, 22 March 1909, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-757 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) A Just Reward/Mad Dog, 25 March 1909, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-760 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) Help! Police!/The Photograph Habit, 29 March 1909, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-763 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) The Guardian Angel, 1 April 1909, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-766 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) The Master of Black Rock, 5 April 1909, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-768 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) Forecastle Tom/The Escaped Melody, 8 April 1909, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-770 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) The Curse of Gold/My Friend, Mr. Dummy, 12 April 1909, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-773 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) After the Bachelor's Ball/Slip Powder, 15 April 1909, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-776 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) The Queen of the Ranch/The Yiddisher Boy, 19 April 1909, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-779 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) A School for Love Making/A Fatal Flirtation, 22 April 1909, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-781 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) Why the Mail Was Late/Inventions of An Idiot, 26 April 1909, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-783 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) Boys Will Be Boys/The House of Terror, 29 April 1909, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-786 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) The Falling Arrow/Puzzle-Mad, 3 May 1909, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-789 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.)The Old Hall Clock, 6 May 1909, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-792 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) A Golden Lie, 10 May 1909, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-794 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) The Right to Labor, 13 May 1909, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-796 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) The Press Gang/Faded Flowers, 17 May 1909, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-798 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) The Smuggler's Daughter, 20 May 1909, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-801 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) Officer McCue/Mr. Inquisitive, 24 May 1909, 1 p: CLAc.
J-803 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) A Bride Won By Bravery, 27 May 1909, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-806 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) The Lost Heiress/Father's Glue, 31 May 1909, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-808 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) "Are You the Man?"/My Friend the Indian, 3 June 1909, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-811 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) Saucy Sue/A Cork Leg Legacy, 7 June 1909, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-814 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) Through Jealousy/Professor Weise's Brain-Serum Injector, 10 June 1909, 2 pp: CLAc.
J-817 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) Through Shadow to Sunshine/Curing a Jealous Husband, 14 June 1909//Flossie's New Peach-Basket Hat, 17 June 1909, 4 pp: CLAc.
J-823 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) The Story of Two Lives, 21 June 1909/Saved By His Sweetheart, 24 June 1909/The Hypnotic Cure, 28 June 1909, 4 pp: CLAc.
J-828 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) The Oysterman's Gold/Mary Jane Visits Her Country Cousin, 28 June 1909//The Old Army Chest, 1 July 1909, 4 pp: CLAc.
J-834 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) A Great Wrong Righted, 5 July 1909//The Side board Folding-Bed/Roommates, 8 July 1909, 4 pp: CLAc.
J-839 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) Driven From Home, 12 July 1909/Two Cousins, 15 July 1909/Lubin's 1910 Marvel, 4 pp: CLAc.
J-843 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) A Nugget of Gold, 19 July 1909//Hiring a Girl/ Mexican Bill, 22 July 1909, 4 pp: CLAc.
J-847 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) A Hot Time at Atlantic City, 26 July 1909// Sporting Blood/Mr. Buttinski, 29 July 1909, 4 pp: CLAc.
J-853 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) When the Flag Falls, 2 August 1909//His Little Girl/She Would Be an Actress, 5 August 1909, 4 pp: CLAc.
J-858 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) The Drunkard's Child/The Newest Woman, 9 August 1909/The Unexpected Guest, 12 August 1909, 4 pp: CLAc.
J-863 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) How Brown Got Married/The Hungry Actor, 16 August 1909//Measure for Measure, 19 August 1909, 4 pp: CLAc.
J-868 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) Before the Dawn/Wifey Away, Hubby at Play, 23 August 1909//Midnight Sons/Nearsighted Mary, 26 August 1909, 4 pp: CLAc.
J-874 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) The Doctor's Bride, 30 August 1909//The Woman Hater/The Haunted Hat, 2 September 1909, 4 pp: CLAc.
J-880 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) The Call of the Heart/Our Country in Arms, 6 September 1909//A True Patriot/Glimpses of Yellowstone Park, 9 September 1909, 4 pp: CLAc.
J-887 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) Her Face Was Her Fortune, 13 September 1909//The Fortune Hunter/All on Account of a Letter, 16 September 1909, 4 pp: CLAc.
J-896 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) When Woman Hates, 20 September 1909/The Conquering Hero, 23 September 1909, 4 pp: CLAc.
J-901 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) A Fish Story/Old Love Letters, 27 September 1909//The Judge's Ward, 30 September 1909, 4 pp: CLAc.
J-908 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) Lubin Films Released During the Month of October 1909, 16 pp: CLAc.
J-933 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) Lubin Films Released November 1 to 15, 1909, 8 pp: CLAc.
J-942 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) Lubin Films Released from November 15th to 25th, 1909, 8 pp: CLAc.
J-953 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) Lubin Films Released from November 29th to December 16th, 1909, 12 pp: CLAc.
J-963 (Lubin Manufacturing Co.) Lubin Films Released from December 20th to December 30th, 1909, 12 pp: CLAc.