Lewis Latimer received, singly or with other inventors, seven U.S. patents. He witnessed two of Hiram Maxim's patents and was assigned a half interest in one issued to William Norton. (If you would like to read a short essay on the American patent system in the time of Latimer and Edison, click here.)

 Latimer's Patents

Executed Applied Issued Pat. No Title
01/14/74 02/10/74 147,363 Water-Closets for Railroad-Cars (with Charles W. Brown)
04/18/81 09/13/81 247,097 Electric Lamp (with Joseph V. Nichols)
02/18/81 02/19/81 01/17/82 252,386 Process of Manufacturing Carbons
  (Assigned to U.S. Electric Lighting Co.)
08/22/81 09/07/81 03/21/82 255,212 Globe Supporter for Electric Lamps (with John Tregoning)
  (Assigned to U.S. Electric Lighting Co.)
09/02/85 09/03/85 01/12/86 334,078 Apparatus for Cooling and Disinfecting
  (Witnessed by Mary Latimer.)
08/24/95 08/25/95 03/24/96 557,076 Locking Rack for Hats, Coats, Umbrellas, &c.
05/18/04 06/03/04 02/07/05 781,890 Book Supporter

Other Inventors

Executed   Applied Issued Pat. No. Inventor Title
03/22/80 07/20/80 230,309 Hiram S. Maxim Process of Manufacturing Carbon Conductors
  (Witnessed by Latimer.)
03/09/80 02/01/81 237,198 Hiram S. Maxim Electric Lamp
  (Witnessed by Latimer.)
08/20/09 08/23/09 08/30/10 968,787 William S. Norton Lamp-Fixture
  (Assigned 50% to Latimer.)